The beach is most ideal as it is a full buffet of sensory experience. Sound, wind, sand, water, movement.. it’s all there. One of the bests days in recent memory was when me and my two boys participated in A Walk On Water’s free one day, surf camp for special needs kids. Unlike most special needs camps, they allowed my neuro-typical son, Avery to participate as well. Avery always claims to dislike the beach but not this day.. this day was a surf day. Surfer’s are definitely on a higher plane than the rest of us.. they experience being a part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves. The ocean has a way of humbling you, frightening you and making you love it all at once. Both kids were hooked instantly and couldn’t get enough. This day was one of those times that can only be described as ‘magic’... pure magic!

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  • Redbird & Willow

    Redbird & Willow

    Interior Design & Organization

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  • Malibu Under Dog

    Malibu Under Dog

    The Malibu Under Dogs is an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) charity. Our mission is dedicated to improving the lives of people with special needs. 

    We sponsor and participate in charity surfing events for various causes, from Autism to poverty. We provide these children with stimulating activities, mainly ocean therapy. Surfing stimulates them physically, mentally, spiritually, socially and emotionally.

    We are a dedicated group that firmly believes that surf/ocean therapy can heal. We see it happen regularly in the kids we take out.We've actually had children speak for the very first time while surfing with us!  It's a game changer.

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  • CITM


    Votre solution globale de communication sur internet.

    • création,
    • développement,
    • hébergement,
    • référencement.

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  • 12 Home Staging Tips

    12 Home Staging Tips

    Staging can attract more buyers to your listing, create more foot traffic through your door, and increase the price buyers will be willing to pay when you sell. To get the best results — without spending a lot of money — 

     Here are 12 simple ideas to stage your home.

     1. Create curb appeal.

     Make buyers fall in love at first sight. Mow the lawn, retouch the trim, sweep the walkway, and plant flowers in the garden.

     2. Make a great first impression.

     Most people will see your listing online before deciding if they want to tour. Hire a professional photographer to take your listing photos.

     3. Let there be light.

     Buyers swoon over natural light. Open the curtains and add lamps for warmth in darker rooms.4. Less is more.

     It’s difficult for buyers to visualize your space if it feels like they’ve walked into a stranger’s house. Declutter and remove personal belongings.

     5. Don’t hide any assets.

     Remove visual distractions to show off features and upgrades.

     6. Get other opinions.

     Ask friends to critique your home. What are their first impressions? What type of improvements would they recommend?

     7. Make the kitchen and bathroom shine.

     These areas are what sell your home. Make sure they’re spotless. Clear off the counter tops and add a vase with flowers.

     8. Think about what buyers want.

     Give each room a clear purpose to show buyers how they can use the space.

     9. Show off that storage.

     Buyers love storage! Clear out the closets so they are half-way full. Meticulously organize clothes, shoes, and boxes.

     10. Make small repairs.

     Fix issues that may distract buyers, such as leaky faucets, broken tiles, burnt-out lightbulbs, and worn-out toilet seats.

     11. Take Fido on a walk.

     Remove all pets during showings. Hide toys and sweep up hair.

     12. Add that wow factor.

     Get inspired and stage your house to look like a picture from a magazine.